Quaker Relief Work in the Spanish Civil War

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“Quakers in the twentieth century re-defined their pacifist witness to include relief for the victims of war. Farah Mendlesohn, drawing upon extensive research in archives plus interviews with surviving participants, provides our first comprehensive account of British and American Friends’ relief to both sides in the Spanish Civil War. Her book is a valuable account of the controversies, limitations, and accomplishments of Quaker relief.” – Jerry Frost

“The use of multiple sources includes Friends’ archives in the United States and England, letters, minutes, printed sources, Friends’ publications, secondary literature, and interviews with some of the principals in the story. . . . We see the complex intersection of the Friends’ pacifist position, the exigencies of providing food, milk, and medical services in a time of war, the relationship of he Friends to the governmental authorities on both sides of the war, and the interaction of British, American and Spanish cultures. . . . Mendlesohn has provided insight and direction on an overlooked period in twentieth century European history.” – Angelyn Dries

"Mendlesohn not only tells a meticulously researched story in a very readable manner but adds substantial and fresh analysis to the history of Quaker relief work and in turn to Quackerism on both sides of the Atlantic. - Giustificativo

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface; Introduction
1. Quaker Attitudes to Peace, 1660-1940
2. The Friends Service Committee in Barcelona
3. The American Friends Service Committee in Republican Spain
4. The American Friends Service Committee in Nationalist Spain
5. The Last Year of the War
6. The End of the War
7. Refugees and Resettlement
8. Howard Kershner and the Difficult Adjustment
9. Colonies, Account Books and Comrades
Appendices, Notes, Bibliography, Index

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