Quaestio De Potestate Papae ( Rex Pacificus) An Enquiry Into the Power of the Pope. A Critical Edition and Translation

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Long recognized as an important contribution to medieval political debate, a clear and intelligent answer to favourite arguments of the proponents of papal power, Rex Pacificus has hitherto been available only in early edition seemingly printed from a single incomplete manuscript. Dr. Dyson has gone back to the manuscript sources and produced a critical edition of the text, together with an accurate and readable English translation and a helpful introduction and notes.


“This edition of the Latin text with an apparatus criticus provides an incomparably useful contribution to the material available to scholars. The translation is clear and admirably conveys the flavour of the original. By presenting the full text, Robert Dyson provides students with an opportunity to grasp for themselves the original method as well as the substance of the argument.” – Antony Black, Review Editor, Journal of Early Modern History

“This is one of the smaller but certainly ranks among the most interesting treatises written during the Bonifatian controversy. Rex Pacificus is a work which fascinates by its transitional nature. . . Dr. Dyson is to be complimented for the high quality of the translation and for its meticulous packaging: his Introduction, Notes, and Bibliography are all first class and should be most helpful to both casual and professional readers.” – George K. Knysh

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Professor R. J. Kilcullen
Sigla and Abbreviations
Quaestio de poetesta papae (Rex pacificus) : Latin Text
Quaestio de poetesta papae (Rex pacificus) : English Text

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