Public Knowledge and Christian Education

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Discusses the results of "importing" and then attempting to "christianize" the content of secular education in its available form of discourse ("public knowledge"), especially with regard to the sciences. Addresses the need for Christian educators to be conscious of the sources of the content of their curricula.


"This is a good book; it will make you think. Get it, read it, and join the discussion." - Mid-America Journal of Theology

"The book is thought-provoking and should be read by Christian college instructors in all disciplines. It forces one to think hard about what it means to give a Christian perspective on the subject matter we teach." - Pro Rege

"[Plantinga's] criticism of the pretensions of scientific knowledge to absolute truth . . . is commendable. . . . His worry that we introduce a secular `Trojan horse' into Christian education is warranted, for indeed it happens all too often. Also valuable is his critique of the current emphasis on ethics. He rightly points out that when we talk about the ethics of a given discipline or science, we may well leave the discipline or science itself unchallenged." - Calvinist Contact

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