Problems in Learning to Present Qualitative Research in Written Form: Four Case Studies

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This book compares how East Asian and American students learn to write qualitative research in the context of their first graduate seminar on the topic. This study examines the challenges faced by culturally-diverse doctoral students.


“Her thoughtful, nuanced, and well developed cases tender insights that even the most veteran teacher should find useful. For me, the work supports enough of my practices to feel encouraging while it challenges me in ways both big and small.”-Prof. S. G. Grant, Binghamton University “…particularly urgent and relevant to the state of higher education in the United States and, by implication, useful from a global perspective as well. For anyone concerned with the directions of research, writing, and pedagogy, her book provides a valuable experience and resource.” -Prof. Philip Eggers, Borough of Manhattan Community College, the City University of New York

Table of Contents

Foreword by S.G. Grant



Chapter 1
Socio-cultural Theory in Composition Studies
Theoretical Framework
Cultural Framework
Research Methodology

Chapter 2
Review of Relevant Research
Why Choose the Genre of Qualitative Research?
Why Choose Discipline of Education?
Why Contextualize My Study?
Why Compare Nonnative and Native English Speakers?
Why Include the Teacher’s Role?

Chapter 3
Setting the Stage: The Professor’s Scaffolding
Providing Writing Samples
Talking About Discourse Patterns Explicitly
Talking About Writing Process
Providing Feedback: To Start Conversations
Cultivating a Dialogic View with Readers

Chapter 4
Case Study on Two Nonnative-English-Speaking Student Researchers
A Case Study on Mila
Narrative of Mila’s Writing Experiences
Analysis of Mila’s Writing Process
A Case Study on Hippo
Narrative of Hippo’s Writing Experiences
Analysis of Hippo’s Writing Process

Chapter 5
Case Study on Two Native-English-speaking Student Researchers
A Case Study on Tina
Narrative of Tina’s Writing Experiences
Analysis of Tina’s Writing Process
A Case Study on Marlene
Narrative of Marlene’s Writing Experiences
Analysis of Marlene’s Writing Process

Chapter 6
What Made It Difficult for Student Researchers to Write Qualitative Inquiry?
Major Challenges
Making Meaning Out of Data
Developing an Organization
Learning the Genre
Knowing Their Academic Fields
Unique Challenges for Nonnative Speakers
Constituents in Learning to Write Qualitative Research
Learning Qualitative Research Paradigm
Learning the Genre
Building up Disciplinary Knowledge
Developing Affective Maturity
Developing Professional Identity

Chapter 7
How did Student Researchers Learn? A Dialogic View on Learning to Write Qualitative Research
Learning from Experts
Learning from Readings
Learning from Peers
Progress on a Continuum

Chapter 8
Suggestions for Student Researchers and Mentors
Suggestions for Students
Understand the Research Paradigm Better
Develop a Dialogic View of Writing
Do More Reading
Affective Suggestions
Suggestions for Nonnative Speakers
Suggestions for Teachers

Appendix A: Course Syllabus

Appendix B: Participant Consent Forms

Appendix C: Survey

Appendix D: Interview Protocols

Appendix E: Think-aloud Protocols