Power Politics, Diplomacy, and the Avoidance of Hostilities Between England and the United States in Wake of the Civil War

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Using archival sources, this study documents the delicate diplomatic negotiations between England and the United States during a period of great of tensions and threat of war.


". . . a fascinating study of the delicate diplomatic negotiations between the two nations at a time of great tensions and threats of war. The British provision of corsairs to the Confederacy, followed by Britain's unwillingness to pay war reparations to the victorious North, sparked a bitter feud that almost erupted in armed hostilities. Celozzi Baldelli, working with extensive archival sources, documents the heroic efforts of teams of diplomats from several countries who labored to find a way to keep the peace." - Robert Orsi

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Prologue by Alberto Monticone
Part I - The Search for an Agreement
1. The Great New and Unexpected Event: The Significance of the New Arbitration Procedures; The Terms of the Controversy
2. The International Implications of the Anglo-American Controversy: The Crisis of the 1870s and England's Difficulties; The Apprehensions of the English and American Public Opinion
3. The Treaty of Washington: The Crisis of the Orient and Grant's Message; The Washington High Commission; The Selection of Arbitration Procedures
4. The Formation of the Arbitration Commissions: From Signatures to Ratification; The Arbitration Tribunal of Geneva; The Joint Commission
Part II - the Execution of the Treaty
5. The Actions of the Arbitration Commissions: Jurisdictions; American Requests and English Reactions; The Parliamentary Debate and Global Policy
6. The Role of Public Opinion: The Orientation of the Press; The Extra-Judicial Negotiations
7. Problems and Solutions: The Counter Case; The Additional Article Addressing Indirect Damages
8. The Decisions of the Arbitration Commissions: The Arbitration Award of June 19; The Verdict of September 14 and English Public Opinion; Payments to Private Parties and Insurance Companies
Conclusion, Abbreviations, Bibliography

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