Postbiological Science Fiction: A Study of Five Stories (Splice, Pandorum, 28 Days Later, The Windup Girl, Prometheus)

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Dr. Christiansen's study looks at the ways that five science fiction stories, Splice, Pandorum, 28 Days Later, and The Windup Girl, look at the notions of humanity and trans humanism. The author argues that science fiction is the perfect genre to examine real philosophical questions about the human condition, its past, and its future.


"Science fiction is a treasure trove of this kind of reflective and replexive activity, precisely because it is a mode of thinking that dares to speculate about things that have not yet happened and may well never happen. Yet in this speculation of potential futures lie many contemporary issues. My own interest in science fiction comes from the genre's ability to show another side to the world, a way of thinking and feeling that goes beyond the known, provokes ideas, and new ways of understanding the world."
From the Preface

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Empire

Chapter Two: Morphing Bodies: Splice

Chapter Three: Devolved Bodies: Pandorum

Chapter Four: Polluted Bodies: 28 Days Later

Chapter Five: Creaturely Bodies: The Windup Girls

Chapter Six: Species Bodies: Prometheus




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