Politics of Television Policy

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This book, drawing on primary sources, provides an in-depth analysis of the politics of the introduction of digital television in the United Kingdom. The author highlights the emergence of a more complex system of United Kingdom television policy-making, encompassing an ever increasing range of policy actors and political institutions.


“Showing a close familiarity with much of the relevant primary as well as secondary source material, this book will be an essential guide to those seeking to understand how the current balance of forces in Britain’s digital television provision came about – and with what consequences for media users.” – Professor Raymond Kuhn, Department of Politics, Queen Mary University of London

“This book provides a detailed account of the introduction of digital television in the UK from the early 1990s until the collapse of ITV Digital in early 2002 ... By highlighting the increasingly important role played by the European Union and the limits of relying exclusively on competition policy to shape the communications landscape, this book also provides some valuable lessons for contemporary policy makers.” – Dr. Jeanette Steemers, Professor in Media and Communication, School of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster

“Paul Smith’s work provides an important and engaging account of the emergence of digital television policy and, in particular, locates this within a discussion of theories of policy-making and governance. As such, the book is likely to be of interest not only to communications researchers and students but also those within political science, government and technology fields.” – Dr. Des Freedman, Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths University of London

Table of Contents

List of Tables
Foreword by Raymond Kuhn
1 The Politics of UK Television Policy
2 The Making of UK Television Policy: An Historical Analysis
3 The UK Digital Television Policy Agenda
4 The Introduction of Digital Terrestrial Television
5 Regulating the Digital Set-Top Box ‘Gateway’
6 The Regulation of Premium Content
7 The Making of Ofcom

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