Political Religions

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A translation of Voegelin's Die politischen Religionen, with a translator's preface that tells the history of the text, the English text cross-referenced to the German, and an introduction that is a short intellectual biography of the young Voegelin


"Cooper's introduction . . . is a competent and useful survey. . . . A new edition of Die politischen Religionen will attract those who wish to document the evolution of a philosopher's concepts and those who care about the book's reasoning for its own sake. . . . Despite the necessity for such amendments [as the older Voegelin would have made to this effort of his youth], Die politischen Religionen remains valuable." - The Review of Politics

"In the beginning and the end of this little book, and also in the Hobbes analysis, we recognize abiding elements in Voegelin's thought. Thus, having the book in translation, side by side with the German original, is a distinct asset to the interested American reader." - Modern Age

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