Political Culture, Cultural Universals, and the Crisis of Identity in Africa. Essays in Ethnoglobalization

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This book examines the critical issues and trends in cultural transformation in Africa by examining the relationship between universal values and African cultures.


“…provides a long awaited and important discussion of postcoloniality on a vast number of issues pertaining to the African continent.”-Prof. Chuka Onwumechili, Howard University

“…valuable reading for readers who have followed the arguments since Lerner (1958) and wonder where the issues stand vis-à-vis a world that is more connected-political, economically, socially, and of course, culturally-than it was in mid-20th century.”-Prof. Anthony A. Olorunnisola, Pennsylvania State University

“…rich resource material on human rights, human freedom and tolerance, political culture, family values, sexuality and youth culture, and the emerging technologies and their perceived threat to local culture and entrenched traditional African values.”-Prof. Ebenezer Oludayo Soola, University of Ibadan

Table of Contents



PART I: Cultural Universals and Ethnoglobalization

1. Ethnoglobalization and the Challenges of Cultural Transformation in Africa
Ritchard Tamba M’Bayo

2. Frantz Fanon and the European Intellectual Tradition
William W. Hansen

3. Afrocentricity and African Communication Theory
Kehbuma Langmia

4. Cultural Universals and the Demystification of Local Heroes as Villains and War Criminals
Ritchard Tamba M’Bayo and Sunday Ikhimeakhu Dika

5. Mutation in Communication and Cultural Linguistic Universals in the Nigerian English Experience
C. Ailende Ativie

6. Demystifying the Fallacy of Electoralism in Nigeria
Solomon O. Akinboye

7. Rethinking Development Media Theory through Normative Propositions and Social Scientific Theorems
Ritchard Tamba M’Bayo and Chuka Onwumechili

8. An Information Paradigm of Development Communication
Victor Ayedun-Aluma

PART II: Media Images, African Identities and Consciousness

9. A Philosophical Reflection on the Western Media and Ideology
Osam Edim Temple

10. Body Enhancement, Self Image, and the Aesthetics of Femininity
Herbert E. Batta

11. What did Emil Torday Discover in Africa?
Mario Fenyo

12. Resource Control as an Index of Identity Politics in Nigeria
I. S. Popoola

PART III: Communication and Cultural Transformations

13. Information Dissemination and the Challenges for Culture in an Era of Globalization
Olufemi Onabajo

14. New Trends of Language Use by 21st Century Popular Musicians in Kenya
Benson Oduor Ojwang’

15. Reinventing Telephone Usage in Nigeria
Chuka Onwumechili and Tianna Sousa-Johnson

PART IV: Family, Gender, Culture and Sexuality

16. Communicative Implications of Divergence and Adherence to Pulaaku among Nomadic and Sedentary Fulbe
Abdullahi S. Bashir

17. Unwanted Motherhood, Universal Values and Challenges in Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health
Christine Oduor-Ombaka

18. Cultural Violence against African Women and the Ordeal of the Kuteb Widow
Ibrahim Musa Ahmadu

19. Sexuality, Threatened Cultural Values and the Africanness of Female Circumcision
Eserinune M. V. Mojaye

20. Male Condom Negotiation among Low Income Women of Nakuru Kenya
Hannah Mweru Mugambi

21. Portrayals and Participation of Women in the Nigerian Media
Ifeoma Amobi


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