Poetry and Poetics of Cesar Vallejo the Fourth Angle of the Circle

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The collection draws on both contemporary and traditional poetics, keeping to the fore the need to respect the difficulty and hermeticism of the poet's writing. The volume reassesses Vallejo's oeuvre in the light of contemporary theories of literature, bringing together perspectives informed by feminist, postcolonial and poststructuralist theory. It also pursues more traditional approaches, in relation to metaphor, socialism, and Northrop Frye's notion of the Promethean furnace.

“. . . Sharman’s fine collection of essays deals more with ways of reading, responding to and thinking about a seemingly hermetic form of writing. Sharman’s own qualities of theoretical rigour a sensitive reading mark the bringing together of these essays, which employ a ‘mixture’ of methodologies or strategies to examine a poetic corpus which is itself characterized by ‘mixture,’ hybridity and the transformational. . . . All in all, then, an impressive volume which consistently reflects upon the poetic sign in a way which actually teases apart hermetic closure in a fruitful and indeed meaningful way.” – Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Introduction (Adam Sharman)
On the Socialism of Vallejo (James Higgins)
Transtextuality in the Writing of César Vallejo: "En mis falsillas encañona. . .": From Verbal to Textual Etymon (Federico Bravo)
From écriture to oralité in César Vallejo's Trilce I (Bernard McGuirk)
The Poetry of Vallejo: "Orfandad de orfandades" (Alain Sicard)
Trilce IX or the Shipwreck of Difference (Susana Reisz)
Trilce XLIV:A Study in Metaphor (Arthur Terry)
The Consubstantial Motion of Matter: Vallejo's Darwinian Allegory (Christiane von Buelow)
César Vallejo and the Space of Cultural Enunciation: An Analysis of "Fue Domingo en las claras orejas de mi burro" (Stephen Hart)
Vallejo's Personae: At the Limits of Formalism (Adam Sharman)
Pain as Cultural Sign in the Poetry of César Vallejo (William Rowe)
Vallejo, Prometheus, and the Flesh Made Word (Joseph Adamson)
Index, Notes on Contributors

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