Place of Lord Byron in World History. Studies in His Life, Writings, and Influence - Selected Papers From the 35th International Byron Conference

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A collection of essays on Lord Byron’s writings. Topics range from Byron’s reception in other cultures and histories, to Byron’s unique conception of history, to essays dealing with his personal history, and the usage of Byron’s works in cultural history writ large. There are also papers dealing with how Byron has been held up as an exceptional writer whose work has been emulated for many years. As history remains cyclical, Byron’s compelling imagery serves as descriptive of destruction, regeneration, and the unyielding predicaments of modern life.


“The contributors assembled here are spectacularly well-equipped to make their case.”
-Prof. Richard Cronin University of Glasgow

“All college and university libraries should have this on their shelves.”
-Prof. David Roessel,
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Table of Contents

Preface by Peter W. Graham

Section I: Byron in Other Cultures and Histories 1. Byron and the History of Modern Greece from the Perspective of Polish Romanticism by Maria Kalinowska 2. A Story of a Quote from The Giaour by Miroslawa Modrzewska 3. Reading Byron in Modern Greek History: The Year 1974 by Maria Schoina 4. Byron’s Place in Literary History from the Perspective of Polish Writers and Scholars by Marcin Leszczy?ski 5. Byron as an Institution in Bulgarian Literary Histories: Western European Literature at High-School and University Levels by Vitana Kostadinova Section II: Byron’s Constructions of History 1. Byron’s Way with Historical Evidence by Peter Cochran 2. Lord Byron Alluding to the Great by Innes Merabishvili 3. Ancient Greece in the Byronic Text: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Canto II and the Idea(s) of History in Nineteenth-Century Britain by Ivan Pregnolato 4. Byron’s ‘historicity’ and the History of Ideas by Ekaterini Douka-Kabitoglou 5. The Same Rehearsal of the Past: Byron and the Aesthetics of History by Michael O’Neill 6. Lord Byron and Oriental Antiquity: The Location of the Self by Naji Queijan 7. “Hers is the loveliness of death / That parts not quite with parting breath”: Byron’s Anti-Utopian Images of Greece in The Giaour and Don Juan by James Potts 8. “The Must of History’s Pen”: Byron, Venice, History and Poetic Memory by Marc Sandy Section III: Byron’s Personal History 1. The Last Detachment: Byron Awakening and the Dream of Greece by Jerome McGann 2. Lord Byron’s Political Idealism and a Row in Ravenna by Jack D’Amico 3. “Thou Shalt not Set up Wordsworth”: Byron’s Battle to Control the Past, Present, and the To-Come by Madeleine Callaghan 4. From Byron’s “Don Juan” to Shelley’s “Ariel”: The Ominous Boat, the Visceral Tempest, the Watery Bier by Argyros Protopapas 5. Byron, Milton, Garden History by Joan Blythe 6. Byron’s Collecting of Napoleona by John Clubbe Section IV: Byron’s Texts in Cultural History 1. The Byronic Hero and Nietzsche’s Overman: Conflicted Responses to Modernity by Nic Panagopoulos 2. The Historicity of Manfred’s Promethean Agon by Young-Ok An 3. On the Theme of the Richard III Complex in Byron’s The Deformed Transformed by Reiko Yoshida 4. Byron’s Belles Sauvages by Anna Camilleri 5. Leaving Greece: Byron and the Naxos Lyric by Andrew Stauffer Section V: Byron as Model and Anti-Model 1. Byron and the History of Women’s Writing by Caroline Franklin 2. The Two Foscari: From History to Closet Drama and Grand Opera by Alice Levine 3. “Mazeppa,” Byron and Campbell: History and the Byronic by Nicholas Meihuizen 4. Prelimingary Chinese Sketch of Byron and Its Revision by She-Ru Kao 5. Byron’s Relationship with the Mechitarists asnReflected in the Works of Irving Wallace by Anahit Bekaryan

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