Philosophical Guide for Decision-Making by Educators

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After a critical discussion of several current positions in educational philosophy, the book focuses on communication, reason, and voluntary action as sources of principles that are integral to philosophy and education. The work applies its foundational principles in two ways. It shows how they compare with the educational views of Social Constructivism and of Critical Theory. It also devotes a chapter-length discussion to several curricular topics likely to be facing educators in the future: higher-order-thinking skills, multicultural education, and higher technology.


“Heslep’s argument boldly but reasonably bucks the current fashion of rejected-out-of-hand effort to identify foundational concepts in educational philosophy . . . demonstrates convincingly that the regulative principles of generic communication, argumentation, and voluntary action are indeed foundational both to philosophical and educational activities. Heslep applies these bedrock philosophical principles to the development of an educational theory that considers common elements of education, namely learning, teaching, content, setting, and purpose. . . . Heslep presents and critiques a wide range of philosophical and theoretical positions, both contemporary and historical. . . . Heslep’s perspective will serve as an invaluable conceptual survival tool for educational leaders facing the uncharted terrain of educational change that the 21st century presents.” – William G. Wraga

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. The Plight of Educational Philosophy
2. The Foundations of Philosophical Inquiry
3. A Philosophical Structure for Education
4. Other Educational Theories: Social Constructivism
5. Other Educational Theories: Critical Pedagogy
6. Educational Proposals: Intellectual Skills
7. Educational Proposals: Multicultural Education
8. Educational Proposals: The New Technology
9. Prospect
Bibliography; Index

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