Philosophical Dialogue with Children: Essays on Theory and Practice

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“Philosophical Dialogue with Children” is a collection of essays that explores our common presuppositions about childhood and children’s thinking, and challenges adults to re-examine their notions about children’s capacity to engage in philosophical dialogue in group settings like the classroom.


“[This work] is a much-needed model for how to create a dialogue between erudite, interdisciplinary theory and intelligent, artful practice.” - Maughn Gregory, Ph.D. Montclair State University

“[This work] has serious implications for children and childhood….asking readers to reexamine preconceptions about the nature of childhood, cognition, and pedagogy.” – Prof. Claire Katz, Texas A&M University

“[The author’s] essays form a significant whole in the world of philosophy for children and in the world of education at large.” – Prof. Michel Sasseville, Université Laval

Table of Contents

Foreword by Maughn Gregory, Ph.D.

Chapter One – Reconstructing Childhood

Chapter Two – Schooling, Neoteny, Ethical Reconstruction, and the Child as Privileged Stranger

Chapter Three – Philosophy for Children and the Reconstruction of Philosophy

Chapter Four – Why Philosophy for Children Now?

Chapter Five – Communal Philosophical Dialogue and the Intersubject

Chapter Six – Thinking for Oneself and with Others

Chapter Seven – Young Children’s Moves: Emergent Community of Philosophical Inquiry in Early Childhood Discourse

Chapter Eight – The Role of a Facilitator in a Community of Philosophical Inquiry Some Definitions

Chapter Nine – Forming Communities of Philosophical Inquiry in Early Childhood Classrooms

Chapter Ten – Using Peter Rabbit as a Philosophical Text with Young Children

Chapter Eleven – The Five Communities



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