Petrarch’s Influence on the Iconography of the Carrara Palace in Padua

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This book examines Petrarch’s relationship with Francesco il Vecchio da Carrara, lord of Padua, who was the poet’s host during his final years (1367-74), and for whom he started to rewrite his great work of Roman history, the De Viris Illustribus. The exemplary purpose of this text was extended in the form of a major fresco cycle in the Sala Virorum Illustrium of the Carrara palace in Padua, the Reggia. This book contains 10 black and white photographs.


List of Figures
Foreword by Robin Simon
Preface and Acknowledgements
1 Introduction
2 The Reggia of Ubertino de Carrara (r. 1338 - 1445) and His Successors
3 The Patronage of Giacomo II da Carrara (r. 1445 - 1450)
4 Francesco il Vecchio da Carrara (r. 1350/1356 - 1388)
5 Francesco Novello da Carrara (r. 1388 & 1390 - 1405): “Stemmata quid faciunt?”
Bibliography & Abbreviations

Table of Contents

“It is an almost unbearably poignant story that Richards has to tell. He does so with minutely detailed and imaginative scholarship, and with rare grace.” - Robin Simon FSA, Editor, British Art Journal

“Dr. Richards explores what one might describe as the ‘known unknowns’ of fourteenth-century art and intellectual culture, a phrase whose authorship is not entirely unsuited to the murderous history of the Carrarese dynasty whose patronage lies at the core of the study.” - Dr. Robert Gibbs, Professor of Pre-Humanist Art History and Codicology, University of Glasgow

“This is an erudite, beautifully written (and occasionally witty) book that looks at an important but neglected subject. Richards’conclusions, invariably judicious and based on impressively wide-ranging scholarship, provide a welcome corrective to some currently held assumptions.” - Dr. Brendan Cassidy, Reader in Art History, University of St. Andrews

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