Perspectives on Christianity in Korea and Japan: The Gospel and Culture in East Asia

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These essays resulted from a project on "Christianity in East Asia" co-sponsored by Meiji Gakuin University's Institute for Christian Studies and the Global Mission Unit of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and are written by scholars who are themselves mainly from East Asia. The papers, using an intraregional approach (i.e. Christianity in Japan from a Korean perspective and vice-versa) deal with various aspects of the transplantation and historical development of Christianity, explore various aspects of the Christian encounter with indigenous religions and societies, and consider some of the major difficulties faced by the transplanted religion. The perspectives offered here will be useful to scholars in Asian studies and religion, to those engaged in theological education and mission studies, and to church administrators responsible for policy and direction in mission planning.


". . . this book is a major and rare attempt to present and assess developments in north-east Asian Christianity and the authors present many facets of its forceful impact upon Korean and Japanese society. . . . The extensive bibliography is . . . very useful indeed and this collection remains a more useful symposium of contemporary writings on Christianity in north-east Asia." - Asia Journal of Theology

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