Permanence and Evolution of Behavior in Golden Age Spain: Essays in Gender, Body and Religion

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The title comes from three domains within the bounds of Early Modern Spain and follows from the renewal of historical studies dedicated to the Iberian peninsula. The books is divided into three parts: Religious Control and its Limits in the Iberian World; Images of the Body in Spanish Society; and Women, Gender, and Family in Hapsburg Spain.


"Through carefully researched and finely written essays, Religion, Body and Gender in Early Modern Spain contributes responses to questions not heretofore asked about Spanish life and letters. . . . These range from the political and economic nature of the frontier/s between Christians and Moslems; the dialectical quality of sixteenth-century exhortations to silence for women; and the polemical appreciation of the humiliated eremitical body to tracts on superstition and witchcraft; the psychology of sixteenth-century blasphemy; and issues of gender and sexual transgression inscribed in ballad variants; among many others. . . . offering provocative and challenging analyses and speculations about historical experience and its expression in both hegemonic and marginalized discourses." - Teresa S. Soufas, author of Melancholy and the Secular Mind in Spanish Golden Age Literature

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