Patricio: A Construcao Da Imagem De Un Santo / How the Historical Patrick Was Transformed Into the St. Patrick of Religious Faith

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Several books dedicated to the life and career of Saint Patrick seem not to take narrative problems into consideration or at least not to focus on them. The main subject in this particular field is the real or historical Patrick, in contrast to the fictional. The authors of these works try to overcome the gap between referent and representation, transcending then in order to find a hidden meaning in the past. Part of the so-called Patrician problem is related to this need of being forced to choose between real and representation. Patrick’s history is analyzed differently in this research; we are more interested in understanding the representations than to transcend them.


“Savor this book because it was produced to understand the plasticity of a highly Patristic Saint.”
Dr. Ana Teresa Marques Goncalves,
Federal University of Goias

“The publication of this book will popularize the discussion of this subject among academics.”
Prof. Raphael da Costa Campos,
Federal University of Pampa Goias, Brazil

“Patrick was the apostle of the Irish, the one who would receive the Irish in Paradise, his legendary status was monumental.”
Prof. Luciane Munhoz de Omena,
Federal University of Goias, Brazil

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