Parental Expectations of Chinese Immigrants for Children's School Achievement: Sociocultural Context, Psychological Adjustment, and Educational Consequences

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With first-person narrative accounts provided by Chinese parents and children who immigrated to Canada from People’s Republic of China, this qualitative study addresses how parental expectations as a cultural phenomenon are constructed, negotiated, and understood in Chinese immigrant family, community, and larger sociocultural contexts.


“Jun Li’s study captures the metaphor of migration as opportunity. It provides the reader with the occasion to see how migration as opportunity is manifested and realized in parental expectations about education and family negotiation about these expectations.” – Prof. Richard A. Young, University of British Columbia

"In a field where the voices of actual learners and their significant others are absent, Dr. Li has recorded their words and points of view.
She integrates her presentation of these voices into a review of a largely psychological literature on student learning, as well as with her own extended meditation in the nature of the experiences of her research participants prior to immigration to Canada and how these experiences combine into their expectations in Canada." – Dr. Tim Stanley, University of Ottawa

"The conclusion on the educational consequences of Chinese parental expectations on children’s achievement takes a reflective tone to present the challenges of the acculturative process, most notably, how to preserve traditional Confucian values while developing an open, Western frame of mind."– Prof. Raymond LeBlanc, University of Ottawa

Table of Contents

Preface by Richard A. Young
1. Parental expectations, culture, and acculturation
2. Qualitative research on Chinese immigrant families
3. Parental expectations for children’s performance
4. Parental cultural beliefs and life passages
5. Children’s perceptions of parental expectations
6. Minority immigrant experiences
7. Affordances and constraints of parental expectations
8. Context, mind, and educational consequences

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