PHOEBE PALMER: Her Life and Thought

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A study of this mid-19th-century Methodist theologian and major religious figure, a woman evangelist who traveled widely in America and England for thirty years.


"Raser does a solid job of mediating the place of Phoebe Palmer in American religious history, finding his way between the extravagant claims made for Palmer by her contemporaries and the subsequent scholarly neglect that has until recently obscured the genuine significance of her life and thought." - Religious Studies Review

"Raser discusses Palmer's religious experience with great insight . . . recommended for college and university libraries." - Choice

"Harold E. Raser argues convincingly that Phoebe Palmer has been unduly neglected. . . . The strength of his work is a sophisticated analysis of her thought and theology. Raser does a fine job of placing Palmer in theological context." - American Historical Review

"[Raser] carefully situates Palmer in the social and theological context of the times. . . ." - Christianity Today

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