Out of Print: Anti-Language in the Apocalypse of John

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Anti-language is defined as language that is antithetical to the norm society. Four of the practical functions of anti-language are secrecy, verbal play, group solidarity, and creation and maintainance of an alternative social and conceptual reality. The study presents an overview of the social realia and of the social location of thought of the Apocalypse of John, which is viewed as following certain cultural scripts. There is an overview of Halliday's sociosemiotic theory and an analysis of four theorists of anti-language -- Halliday, Kress, Fowler, and Malina. Draws together the two theoretical components of social location of thought and sociolinguistics and used the Apocalypse of John 11:19 - 15:4 as a test case to discern the presence of anti-language.

Other Religion-Christianity-Scripture, New Testament Books