Order of Woodcraft Chivalry 1916-1949 as a New Age Alternative to the Boy Scouts Two Volume Set

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This book looks at the Quaker-inspired movement of the OWC and its founders, the Westlakes, who were uneasy about the military overtones of the Boy Scouts and who favoured an alternative form of training, one that borrowed from Ernest Thompson Seton and his Woodcraft Indians. The study examines the Westlakes; the concept of "recapitulation" in education; woodcraft chivalry in practice; internal conflicts; adult sections; the various schools; the war years and beyond. In two volumes.


". . . voluminous but readable history. . . . Impressively researched and presented in a lucid, unpretentious manner, these volumes do ample justice to the sometimes less than amicable relationships within the OWC." -- Albion

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