On Theorizing Romanticism and Other Essays on the State of Scholarship Today

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An updated view of the relationship between the European Romantic movement and contemporary theory. The contributors want to redirect studies in
Romanticism towards cultural and literary theory.


“. . . this innovative volume opens the door in a new century to getting a critical purpose on and theorizing the richness and complexity of Romanticism in a variety of genres, modes, and registers, ranging across a spectrum from high to pop culture. The colorful rainbow that this set of essays represents refracts the white radiance of European Romanticism in a manner not quite dreamt of by students and scholars of that cultural and aesthetic phenomenon some half century ago, when the effort to define it comprehensively or definitively had reached a kind of plateau.” – Prof. Eugene Stelzig, SUNY at Geneseo

“. . . the breadth and spectrum of coverage of each essay are impressive. . . . a collection that will be useful for scholars, teachers, and students of Romanticism.” - Prof. Marjean D. Purinton, Texas Tech University

“. . . the essays are using scholarly techniques that will help us see beyond just one or two works. This is the kind of book that will be useful to scholars in the field because the essays are interesting to read and provocative to consider.” - Prof. Carl H. Sederholm, Brigham Young University

Table of Contents

This collection of twelve essays is a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary analysis of the constitution of Romanticism.
Commendatory Foreword - Prof. Eugene Stelzig
Introduction: On Theorizing Romanticism Again – Dr. Larry H. Peer
Romanticism as Cognitive Process – Prof. Frederick L. Burwick
Romanticism Through Complex Theory – Prof. Rodney Farnsworth
Disrupted Teleology and the Progression of Wordsworth’s 1850 Prelude – Prof. Lorne Mook
The Painted Body as Object – Prof. Christopher Clason
Fidelio Meets The Water-Carrier: Translating Heroic Images into Sound – Prof. Carol Padgham Albrecht
The “Inconsistent Politics” of Mary Mitford’s Rienzi – Prof. Daniel Schierenbeck
The Sick Rose, That Romantic Thing of Beauty: Resisting Blakes’s Poetics of Annihilation – Prof. Lloyd Davies
The Cosmopolitan Pleasures (and Perils) of Sensibility – Prof. Christopher Nagle
Positive Ambiguity: The Case of Keats – Prof. Richard Nanian
Revising Romantic Orientalism: Hamilton’s Translations of a Hindu RajahProf. Jeff Cass
Mary Shelley and the End of Romanticism – Prof. Orianne Smith
Romanticism and Poetic Closure: The Case of Hölderlin – Prof. Richard Eldridge

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