Oedipus Meets the Press, and Other Tragi-Comedies of Our Time

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"To be at once witty and profound, to work the satiric edge between humor and pathos, is a challenge few American poets since e.e. cummings have met with grace, but Sanford Pinsker does it in poem after poem. I enjoy the spontaneity of his perceptions, the freshness of expression, the abundance of feeling." - Daniel Mark Epstein

"Witty, poignantly satirical, and often tenderly direct and personal, Oedipus Meets the Press, and Other Tragi-Comedies of Our Time, by Sanford Pinsker, offers a wide variety of styles and tones, allusions and cultural references, that makes this book deliciously readable. Including the dense and serious sequence about Rebbe Nahman and the troubled revisiting of mythic figures like Oedipus, Odysseus, and Icarus, Pinsker displays his narrative as well as his lyrical capabilities. This is a book especially for those who are literate and thoughtful, who enjoy poetry that is direct and communicative." - Robert Pack

"Sanford Pinsker is a clever observer of his millennial world. Whether updating mythic figures for today's times and in today's hip language, skewering academic manners and gender wars, or musing their way through ordinary evenings, Pinsker's poems are witty, playful and poignant. The breezy lines are buttressed by an underlying sadness for what is becoming of our rich intellectual heritage. This is a sharp, lively collection." - Floyd Skloot

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