Nrittam, a Malayalam Novel by Maniyambath Mukundan

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This work offers an English translation of the Malayalam novel Nrittam. Written by Maniyambath Mukundan, the novel is a poignant tale of love and loss told in contrapuntal versions by multiple narrators, Sridhar and Agni, communicating through the cyber medium. Forty-eight-year-old Sridhar’s placid bachelor life is interrupted by an email from an anonymous writer, using the pseudonym, Agni. The writer asks if Sridhar would be willing to receive successive emails disclosing Agni’s life story and, as Sridhar agrees, the story unfolds.


“Mary Mathew’s translation captures the ambiguities and nuances of the original version as she renders the story in precisely worded English terminology that reflects not just the content, but the sophisticated simplicity of Mukundan’s style as well.” – Dr. A. J. Thomas, Professor of English, Sardar Patel College of Management, New Delhi

“Nrittam falls into the genre of immigration narrative of epic proportions, recounting the heroic travails and successes and the ultimate tragic events in the life of a character who searches for the gleam that would give meaning to his existence as he experiences all that life on the fast-lane has to offer. ... The reader is kept on tenterhooks throughout this stunning story of human adventure and Mary Mathew’s skillful rendering of the English translation.” – Dr. Ode Ogede, Professor of English, North Carolina Central University

“Mary Mathew’s work is a skillful English translation of M. Mukundan’s Malayalam novel, Nrittam. This is no small feat since Nrittam is a complex novel that depicts the conflicts of old and new, East and West, past and present, as represented by its two narrators.” – Dr. Wendy A. Rountree, Professor of English, North Carolina Central University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. A. J. Thomas
Translator’s Preface

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