Notion of Papal Monarchy in the Thirteenth Century: The Idea of Paradigm in Church History

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This work demonstrates that in the thirteenth century there existed a variety of beliefs
concerning the papal office. It departs from previous books, which have argued that the hierocratic theory of papal monarchy was systematic in character and the dominant way of understanding the papacy.


“. . . open[s] new paths for historical research in the field.”
– Prof. Caterina Bruschi, University of Birmingham

“[The book’s] intricate dissection of the ideas offers a case study in analytical methodology. . .”
– Prof. R.N. Swanson, University of Birmingham

"The author shrewdly indicates important differences between scientific and politico-religious communities, very competently analyses the teaching of medieval canonists and papal publicists in the period covered, and prompts some subtle thinking about historiography." -- Prof. John Sullivan, Liverpool Hope University

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