Nonaesthetic Issues in the Philosophy of Art Art as a Social Realm

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This study sets up a controversial position by arguing for a philosophy of art that is independent of aesthetic theory in any form. It reformulates the idea of art-world into the concept of a social realm, a philosophical structuring of the dimensions of significant subdivisions of our overall society. From this perspective it is possible to separate aesthetic from nonaesthetic elements of many issues (e.g., art forgery), to circumscribe the dimensions of certain social conflicts about art (e.g., whether it can be pornographic), to understand modern conflicts between artistic genius and social and moral standards, and to probe other arenas within the realm of art.


"Cebik writes with a droll wit and charm rarely met with in a tome that purports to examine the social and philosophical contexts of the artworld. This is the best introduction to the conceits that bias much critical perception and discussion of art. Cebik frankly talks of the social nexuses that confine aesthetic appreciation and definitions of artwork. . . . Highly recommended for all working artists and art critics." - The Reader's Review

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