No Salvation Outside the Church? a Critical Inquiry

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This monograph offers both a historical analysis of the challenge to Christology of ways of faith other than the Christian and an exploration of representative statements on the question of salvation outside the church by three contemporary theologians: Emil Brunner, Karl Rahner, and John Hick. It then attempts to offer an adequate theological response that does justice to the church's historic affirmation of the means of salvation and is cognizant of the contemporary religious situation characterized by pluralism.


. . . Molly Marshall has made a most commendable contribution to the rapidly expanding corpus dealing with this important topic. . . . After an introductory chapter, Marshall traces the historical and theological development of extra ecclesiam nulla salus in a most illuminating chapter of some sixty pages. . . . I commend this work to that ever-growing number of scholars interested in this topic. . . " -- Missiology: An International Review

"The volume raises our ecclesiological awareness to the complexities involved when Christianity positively encounters other world religions. Published for the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion, it is encouraging to see discussion on a central theological question from this ecclesial spectrum." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

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