New Shape of University Education in England

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This edited volume analyzes the new scheme of university funding in England and its implications for marketing, accountability, quality assurance and its concomitant objectives of access, widening participation, public service and social inclusion. While there is general agreement among the contributors that globalization, coupled with knowledge-based economies and rapid technological changes are driving university education in England to the center stage of policy making, the government’s policies of variable fees and social inclusion are unlikely to succeed.


“This is ... a remarkably timely book, as well as an ambitious one. It draws heavily on experience in the UK, and particularly on developments in England, where policy and practice have been undergoing a process of almost continuous change since the late 1970s at least.” - Professor John Field, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge, University of Stirling

“Higher Education in the UK faces the triple challenges of quality competition with other global centers of excellences which attract the best students from around the world, the new dispensation of loan based student finance which shifts the choice and the cost away from the Exchequer and on the future income of the students and the consequences for equity and social exclusion raised by this reform. Moti Gokulsing has brought together twelve interesting and thought-provoking authors who take up some of these issues. It is bound to be a good book to have on your shelf if you care about higher education and inclusion issues.” - Meghnad Desai, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics

“This volume will prove of enormous value to anyone interested in how British higher education is organized today, how it got there, and in likely future trends and battlegrounds. It provides an admirable source of information and references, many of them far less known than they deserve to be, as well as clarifying the competing values underlying policy debate in the field.” - Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management, Department of Management, Kings College London

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Figures
Foreword by John Field
Glossary of Terms
Introduction - K. Moti Gokulsing
Part One: Funding Higher Education in England and Its Marketization
1 Expansion, Efficiency and Social Inclusion: Are New Labor’s Aims Compatible? - Jo Blanden and Emla Fitzsimons
2 University Funding: Government Steer for Autonomous Institutions - David Turner
3 Markets, Diversity and Higher Education - Miriam David
4 Accountability in Higher Education - Too Much of the Wrong Sort and Not Enough of the Right Sort? - Roger Brown
5 Quality Assurance: Enforcing Standards and Encouraging Improvement or Regulation and Deprofessionalization? - David Gosling
6 Graduate Earnings in the UK - N.C. O’Leary
7 Students’ Attitudes to Debt - Claire Callender
Part Two: Social Inclusion Issues 8 Widening Participation and Fair Access - Kevin Whitston
9 University Education as a Public Service - Patrick Ainley
10 The Student Experience of Present-Day Higher Education in England - Ken Roberts
11 Gender and Academic Identity - Louise Morley
12 Lifelong Learning - Challenges and Prospects in an Emerging System - John Field
Concluding Remarks - K. Moti Gokulsing

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