New Interpretations in the History of French Literature: From Marie De France to Beckett and Cioran

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This work contains essays in French and English, and translations from French to English. The texts, by American and Canadian and scholars of French literature, cover the medieval through to the modern period. In French and English.
This book contains six black and white photographs.


“There can be no question about the activity of the work of the authors in this volume. As they penetrate beneath the surfaces of a series of major artists, they help us to understand and they bring new life to long established texts.” – Allan H. Pasco, University of Kansas

“Contributors provide in some cases fresh and original scholarship, and in others, fascinating discussions and interviews. . . . The French culture is an old culture, and this volume is a foray into and tribute to its achievements—a real gift that will be savored page after page.” – Sylvain Gallais, Professor, School of International Letters & Cultures, Arizona State University

“A collection which often returns to the theme of masking, the present volume is valuable for what it discloses and reveals. These are tangible rewards for taking part in these conversations: fresh material, limpid prose, keen analysis, and pleasurable reading.” – Robert Ziegler, Professor of Liberal Studies, University of Montana

Table of Contents

Foreword by Allan H. Pasco
Franco-American Friendships: ‘Les Palmes Académiques’ in Arizona – Aleksandra Gruzinska
French Middle Ages
An English Translation of Marie de France’s Le Chèvrefeuille Robert Chancellor
Geste de Guillaume or Geste de Garin de Monglane – William Hendrickson
French Renaissance
‘Tu escorche le latin? Par sainct Jan!: Latin as an ironic marker in the French Renaissance Tale – Deborah Losse
French Enlightenment
Probing the Masks in Antoine Pecquet’s Diverse Thoughts on Man - Aleksandra Gruzinska
French Romanticism
Sand, le faiseur de romans et Balzac, le fabricant de romans – Raymonde Bulger The Sand/Flaubert Friendship: Optimism/Pessimism 1870’s Style - Aleksandra Gruzinska
French Realism/Impressionism
Octave Mirbeau’s “Claude Monet, Venice” - Aleksandra Gruzinska Rodin’s Favorite Failure: The Monument to Honoré Balzac – Anthony Gully
Modern Times
The ‘Frivolous Prince’ or Jean Cocteau’s Art of Metamorphoses – Fréderic Canovas
Samuel Beckett’s Fin de partie/Endgame/Endspiel, A Dynamic Evolving Reality – Suzanne Hendrickson
New York: Un mythe français – Daniela Hurezanu
L’aventure selon Alexandra David-Néel (1868-1969) – Geneviève James
Le Poids du peu ou l’aphorisme chez E.M. Cioran – Raymonde Bulger
Une Amité: Samuel Beckett vu par E.M. Cioran - Aleksandra Gruzinska
Cioran lecteur de Cioran – Liliana Nicorescu
E.M. Cioran: Music in My Soul – Aurélia Roman
A Conversation with Samuel Beckett (Paris, April 16, 1983) - Suzanne Hendrickson and William Hendrickson

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