Nazi State and New Religions: Five Case Studies in Nonconformity

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". . . extremely well documented . . . a scholarly work which deserves to be read not only by members of the sects discussed but also by Christians and scholars generally. It fills a gap in the story of Christianity's encounter with Nazism." - Arthur C. Cochrane

"In this pioneering study, Christine King focuses on five of the more important sects in Nazi Germany: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Science, and the New Apostolic Church. With the aid of two principal kinds of source, police reports and the sectarian press, she seeks to explain their very different fates. This leads her to two major areas of investigation: the factors influencing Nazi policy towards religious bodies; and the varying survival strategies adopted by the sects themselves. . . . [A] comparative study of this kind provides an excellent means of analysing the methods and motives of religious persecution, and the possibilities of toleration, in the Third Reich." - European History Quarterly

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