Mustering of Support for World War I by the Ladies' Home Journal

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Concentrates mainly on the visual ways in which The Ladies' Home Journal conveyed the Journal's political and social views in its wartime editions. It demonstrates how the editor, Edward Bok, orchestrated elements of his magazine to serve his editorial vision, namely that the United States should be involved in the Great War, and in enlisting the active support of the readers.


". . . a masterfully well-researched account of how this publication presented the American public with propagandistic justifications for US involvement with WWI, and provided information for conservation and production of war materiel on the home front. . . . Karetzky's text is an important contribution to American cultural history which . . . will hopefully inspire further research into this relatively untouched area." - Arthur L. Harshman

". . . a fascinating and scholarly account. . . . an important discussion of how middle-class women were viewed during the war years and how their domesticity was sought as a weapon of war. Karetzky not only explains effects of the artistic and other editorial decisions of Bok but also, with clarity and wit, she makes unexpected and illuminating connections between diverse aspects of women's lives. . . . Karetzky interprets the materials from The Ladies' Home Journal with intelligence, skill, and often, a wry humor, that makes this significant book informative but also a pleasure to read." - Sherida Yoder

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