Multicultural or Immigrant Faculty in American Society

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Sheds light on the background issues, challenges and concerns of immigrant faculty of color in the United States. It chronicles faculty decisions to immigrate, their reasons for coming to America, their reasons for staying. It examines their current situation in academia, including the struggles associated with relating to their students, peers and administrators.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

List of Tables, Foreword, Preface


2.A Darker Shade of Flesh: The New Immigrants in Academe; Chinese (and others) Need not Apply; Bridging the Uncertain Welcome; The Immigrant Faculty's Response; An Uneasy Sense of Place; Origins of This Project

3.The New Americans in Academe: Of Condiments and Spices; The Bewildering World of the INS; Survey Respondents

4.The Expatriate's Equilibrium: The Certain Immigrant; The Definite Repatriate; Generation X + 1; A PhD Weighs the Options; A Convenient Life; The Accidental Escape

5.The Tarnished Golden Door: Incidence of Discrimination and Prejudice; Rude Early Awakening; The Uncivil Campus; The Gatekeepers; The Incredible Flexible Yardstick; Blocking the Golden Doors

6.It's All Part of the Package: One's Status and What Could Have Been; Battling the Stereotypes; Immigrants and Blacks in America; A Death in the Family; The Feeling of Uprootedness; The Immigrant's ROM; The Hyphenated American

7.Immigrant Views of the Multicultural Campus: Diversity 101 – A Revolving Door in Academe; The Identification Problem; The Problem of Overidentification; What they Bring to the Table

8.Non European Women Immigrants: A Triple Crown or a Triple Whammy; Discrimination and Prejudice; A Color, A Gender, or An Accent?; Separating Race from Gender; For Women Immigrants – A Reversal of Fortune; From ‘Three-Fers' to Achievers

9.A Further Differentiation of Immigrants: Those Foreigners Are All Alike; From Whence They Came – the Economic Opportunities; Unequal Opportunity Discrimination; Academic Discipline; Other Factors Affecting Immigrant Responses

10.Conclusion: Spicing Up the Metaphor; Close Encounters with the New Immigrants; A Summary of the Findings; What Can Be done?; Looking to the Future of the Immigrant

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