Moss that Rides on the Back of the Rock



"Reading Ken Fifer's poetry was like walking into someone's living room and learning about the person through the things he or she accumulated. . . . Ken Fifer's poems are not only lyrical, they are mellifluous. . . . There is a formal quality to all of the poems in The Moss that Rides on the Back of the Rock, but it is not restrictive. The formal quality is free, unique, special - a true work of craftsmanship. Ken Fifer has put together a strong selection of poetry, a poetry that needs to be read by as many people as possible." -- Tim Gavin in Verse: Poetry and Poetics

". . . filled with a rich and graceful wit, a loving attention to small places and ordinary human coming and going. In poem after poem we are convinced that this is what the heart feels and knows to be true." -- Harry Humes

"Witty, thoughtful, with great imaginative and emotional range, Ken Fifer's poems are filled with honed words and delightfully unexpected twists, the "mind at play" with a language that is sensuous and sinuous and authentically his own. This collection is a joy to read." -- Len Roberts

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