Moroccan Museums as Agents for Women's Empowerment: A Study of Museums in Thirty-Two Cities

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This book documents the development of museums as agents for women’s empowerment in Morocco and how the existing programming and physical facilities of museums can be effectively used to benefit women culturally, politically, economically, and personally. Also, identified are the relevant issues of public/private space, discrimination, image reinterpretation, global awareness and gender equality. It augments the author’s previous publications on women’s empowerment and concludes that Moroccan society is slowly becoming ‘feminized’ due to the emergence of women as civil servants, curators, political activists, voters and participants in the higher educational system.


“In linking the development of museums in Morocco with women’s empowerment in this country, this book is a pioneering one. To my knowledge no serious academic work has addressed the complex issue.”
-Prof. Fatima Sadiqi,
University of Fes, Morocco

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Women in Moroccan Society
Legends, Education, Feminism, Identity, Language, Literacy
Chapter 2: Women in the Moroccan Workforce
Chapter 3: Women in Museums
Career Choice, Benefits of Museum Employment for Women, Pioneers, Curators and Administrators
Chapter 4: Museums as Public Space
Museum as Definition, Purpose
Chapter 5: History and Development of Museums in Morocco
Map of Morocco, Moroccan Museums, National Institute of Archaeology and Heritage (INSAP) Chapter 6: Museums as Educators
The Image of Women, Programs and Exhibitions
Chapter 7: Case Studies
Chapter 8: Future of Museums
Outsourcing, Audience Development, Private Museums, Contemporary Art Museums
Chapter 9: Conclusions
Chapter 10: Appendix A
Museums in Australia Women’s Policy for Museum Programs, National Institute of Archeology and Heritage (INSAP), General Museology Coursework, INSAP Curriculum in Archeology, INSAP graduates by Discipline and Year, Moroccan Museums, Women in Moroccan Museums, Student Definitions of Museums, Personal Statistical Information on Women in Museums, Statistical Information on Women in the Moroccan Labor Force, Types of Visual and Performing Arts Activities, Breakdown of the Establishment of Museums, Questionnaire

Chapter 11:Appendix B

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