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This book builds on previous research to scrutinize the poetry of Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot through the lens of Imagism. While Pound eventually disassociated himself from the Imagist movement and Eliot never belonged to it, it was still an influence on the development of these two poets. Therefore, Imagism is essential to a proper understanding of certain elements in the works of these twentieth-century poets.


“Lewis’s thinking here is both intuitive and discursive; his argument, both analytic and synthetic. Readers will see that he has not only outlined the issues but has engaged them at a profound level. This is a scholarly book that embodies the literary virtues it describes.” - Ben Lockerd, Grand Valley State University, President, T. S. Eliot Society

“If Pound and Eliot made unprecedented demands on the common reader of the twentieth century, in Ethan Lewis they have found an ideal reader for the twenty-first century, one capable of reinvigorating critical consideration of their achievement. Lewis accomplishes this formidable task while remaining true to the elusive mission of his modernist subjects: to communicate as clearly as possible about complex matters without sacrificing subtlety and sophistication or risking reductivism.” - Dr. Judith Everson, Professor Emerita, English Department, University of Illinois at Springfield

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ben Lockerd
1 Super-position: Interpretive Metaphor
2 Imagist Technique in the Cantos
3 Eliot as ‘Imagist’
4 Four Quartets as Discursive Image: Metaphysics and Mechanics
Appendix - Grammaria Usurae: Representational Stratagems in Canto XLV
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