Modelo Y SubversiÓn En La PoÉtica De LeÓnidas Lamborghini

Leónidas Lamborghini is one of the most well known, but least studied, contemporaneous Argentinean poets. This work examines the influence of the poet’s country’s tumultuous past on poetic compositions The study illustrates the mode in which Lamborghini approaches a contrasting conflict: his love for Buenos Aires and the frustrations produced by his exile. This book contains thirty-two black and white photographs and ten color photographs. In Spanish.


“Fontanet’s exhaustive analysis places Lamborghini’s work in the proper position alongside other Latin Americans poets, such as Roque Dalton, Ernesto Cardenal, José Emilio Pacheco, Juan Gelman, and Enrique Lihn. Fontanet’s strategy, comparing Lamborghini’s poetry with the marginal and non-official modern history of Argentina, is impressive and worthy of recognition. Both Lamborghini’s and Fontanet’s approaches present an innovative and fresh optimism that poetry and criticism can still raise a solid resistance against "unique" discourses, globalization and hegemony.” - Prof. Guillermo García-Corales, Baylor University

“Leónidas Lamborghini is one of the renewers of Latin American literature and a political victim of his expressive and poetic freedom. His work shows an intricate and connective world, full of broken dialogues where the “low” and the “high” literature have no frontier. Fontanet’s essay meticulously examines each aspect of Lamborghini’s revolutionary vision, mapping every connection between the Argentinean literary tradition and Lamborghini’s vanguardist work.” - Prof. José Ismael Gutiérrez, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

“Thanks to Dr. Fontanet’s careful selection of Lamborghini’s poems, readers can appreciate this poet’s originality. Professor Fontanet lucidly points out that Lamborghini’s poetry also engages in a dialogue with Argentine literary tradition, particularly the gauchesque and Leopoldo Marechal’s parody and ideological alignment with Peronism. Two other merits of Dr. Fontanet’s study are the attention given to the ideology that informs Lamborghini’s poetry and the examination of the impact of exile in this contemporary Argentine’s poetry. Only recently have Lamborghini’s works been the object of critical studies. Hence, any serious reader of contemporary Latin American poetry will find Hernán Fontanet’s analysis valuable. I recommend this book as a good source on the poetry penned during the Twentieth Century in Argentina.” - Prof. Carolina Rocha, Southern Illinois University

Table of Contents

1. Estrategias para una relectura permanente: margen, anacoluto y balbuceo
2. Reescribiendo el jardín del exilio
3. Los resquicios del palimpsesto
4. Influjo y parodia: Marechal, Fierro y Perón Lamborghini final: Vigencia y esencia de su obra en Argentina
Panorámica de la obra de Lamborghini
Fuentes primarias
Fuentes secundarias
Índice onomástico

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