Metaphoric Analysis of the Debate on Physician Assisted Suicide

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Uses metaphoric analysis to explore the rhetorical aspects of the debate as represented in the published works of three physicians with opposing views: Dr. C. Everett Koop, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and Dr. Timothy Quill. After examining the texts, the author invents a hybrid metaphorical concept which can serve as a rhetorical bridge for participants in the debate. Once this metaphorical means of communication is in place, the necessary exploration of ethical systems can occur. Spragins goes well into the rhetorically unexplored territory of the debate on physician assisted suicide, illustrating in every argument how metaphor figures on thinking and speaking about the human mode of perceiving and being.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1.Introduction: Emergence of a Controversy; Formulation of the Research Questions; Description of the Artifacts, Description of the Critical Method; Analysis of the Artifacts

2.Historical Overview: Evolution of Public Opinion; Definition of Terms; Concerns of Patients; Concerns of Physicians; Concerns of Ethicists; Concerns of Religions Groups; Concerns of Right-to-Die Organizations; Stance of the General Public; Description of the Artifacts

3.The Critical Method: Nature of Rhetorical Criticism; Description of Critical method; Justification of the Choice of Critical Method

4.The Metaphoric Analysis: Metaphoric Analysis of The Right to Live, The Right to Die; Metaphoric Analysis of Prescription: Medicide; Metaphoric Analysis of Death and Dignity

5.Conclusions: Interpretation, Conclusions; Recommendations for Future Research

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