Mergers and Acquisitions as Strategic Methods of Business Development in the Global Automobile Industry: An Analysis of Five Cases

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This book examines one set of processes, mergers and alliances, which have underpinned changes in the automobile industry. Merger and alliance activity is explored against the long term economic forces which have shaped the industry. Whilst short term crises catch the headlines, the long term perspective forms the backdrop for understanding the processes of change.


“. . . mergers and alliances are a response to changes in the environment in which the industry operates rather than the source of change itself. This book reflects that experience by beginning with a long-term look at the drivers for change in the industry before turning to a detailed study of mergers and alliances themselves.” – Sir John Egan, Coventry University

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Foreword by Sir John Egan
1. Change in the World Automobile Industry
2. General Aspects of Merger Theory
3. Pre- and Post-Merger Process Theory
4. From Austin Morris via British Leyland to British Aerospace
5. BMV-Rover
6. Daimler-Chrysler Merger
7. Renault-Nissan
8. The Ford Premier Auto Group

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