Memory’s Menu

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"Humorous, syntactically playful, Memory’s Menu is just pure fun to read. . . . the details make a happy impression without being sentimental cliches." Fred Chappell

"Despite degrees from Earlham College and Tufts University, his poetry remains accessible, and its voice echoes the idioms of the hills, farms and creek bottoms while honoring the men, women and soul mates of his youth." Jennifer Wixson, author, Learning to Soar

". . . . the quality most evident in Glenn McKee’s work is authenticity. The past and the locale evoked in this volume demonstrate the variety of experiences, problems, defeats and victories which characterized (still characterizes) life in Appalachia. . . . .A reader feels that this poet has rescued the past from sentimentalism and from patronizing. A seasoning of humor and irony enable us to feel the inner resources of the people who led hard lives, but who truly lived." Gerald L. Evans, Emeritus Professor of English, Marietta College

"I have enjoyed Glenn McKee’s poems since I first read his work some ten years ago. I admire his reverence for things past, his quirky ability for looking at any given situation, his humor, his attention to details. Memory’s Menu is spun with rich images, and tender moments." Stellasue Lee, Poetry Editor, RATTLE

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