Media in South Africa after Apartheid

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This collection of essays provides a systemic evaluation of the transition experience of media and correlate institutions in the decade following the introduction of a multiracial democracy in South Africa. The contributors, from inside and outside South Africa, assess the transition experience from multiple perspectives.


“This is one of a number of books and articles published internationally on the post-apartheid media and as such it fills in some gaps, opens up new lines of inquiry, and asks some new questions. It also answers many others.” – Professor Keyan Tomaselli, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Table of Contents

Preface; Acknowledgements
1. Anthony A. Olorunnisola – Understanding Media in African Transitional Democracies
2. Jane Duncan – From National to Global Apartheid: Ten Years of Broadcasting in a Democratic South Africa
3. Eronini Megwa – Community Radio as Conduits for Extending Digital Access to Rural Communities
4. Herman Wasserman and Marie-Louise du Bois – New Kids on the Block: Tabloids’ Entrance into the Print Media Market
5. Anthony A. Olorunnisola – Racism in the Media and News Frames of a Public Investigation
6. Anthony A. Olorunnisola – Media Inquiries in South Africa: Continuities and Discontinuities
7. Herman Wasserman – Redefining Media Ethics in the Postcolonial Context: Contending Frameworks in the South African Media
8. Lynette Steenveld – Journalism Education in South Africa: Context, Context, Context
Appendix; Author Index; Subject Index

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