Mary Jane Forbes Greene (1845-1910), Mother of the Japan Mission: An Anthropological Portrait

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Presents a case study of a pioneering Protestant missionary wife and mother whose years in Japan spanned the Meiji era. Based upon personal correspondence and mission records, the portrait is organized sociologically rather than chronologically. Begins with brief discussion of the foreign missionary movement as a significant component of 19th century western expansion, sociological sketches of the contexts of her life, analysis of her social relationships, finally her role as mediator between Japanese and American culture. Contributes to the study of the American foreign missionaries movement and the understanding of late 19th century American women's lives while demonstrating the utility of anthropological categories and constructs in such studies.


". . . a solid contribution to the prestigious series of Studies in Women and Religion. . . . This book ought to be required reading for mission courses which are concerned with women missionaries and their families. Theological, church, and personal libraries should have more books such as this one to correct the heroic superhuman images of missionaries and to replace them with images of very attractive human people such as Mary Greene and her husband." - Missiology

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