Manuel Fraga Iribarne and the Rebirth of Spanish Conservatism in Post-Franco Polictics, 1939-1990

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"This is a straightforward descriptive account of the political career of Manuel Fraga Iribarne, the doyen of "respectable" Spanish conservatism from his participation in the later years of the Franco regime to his role in the transition to democracy, failed attempts to create a victorious coalition/party on the right, and finally, personal victories in his native Galicia. Still on the scene, Fraga emerges clearly as one of the most important Spanish political figures of the last 50 years and richly deserves the attention the author gives him. Although frequently controversial, his behavior and policies ultimately have benefited his country. Gilmour handles his material well, but the book would have been strengthened by a concluding chapter that carefully evaluated the many aspects of Fraga's career. In addition, the reader learns virtually nothing about Fraga's personal life and the light it might shed on his political behavior. The book is well written and easily understood. Recommended for general readers, undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty." - CHOICE

"This is a highly professional study of one of Spain's most important, singular and charismatic modern politicians. Manuel Fraga was the most outstanding of the aperturistas of the latter years of the Franco regime, who sought to rekindle a democratic mentality on the Spanish Right as a prerequisite for Spain's belated acceptance into the European family of nations. It is almost impossible to overstate his influence on the democratization process. . . . With a fluent and eloquent literary style, John Gilmour clearly and concisely builds around the central figure of Manuel Fraga, and his political career, a detailed picture of the fortunes of the Spanish Right in the second half of the twentieth century. He shows great breadth of knowledge of the Spanish political scene and provides an impressive guide through the intricacies of post-Franco Spanish politics. This study could become a required authoritative text on the rather neglected subject of Spanish conservatism, as contrasted with the numerous studies of Spanish fascism." – John Naylon, Director, Iberian Studies Unit, Keele University

"Dr. Gilmour's study has done us the service of presenting Fraga from the early scenes of his career – theatrical terms are appropriate when speaking of this colourful, often larger-then-life and always controversial figure – right through to present times. . . . The book is well researched and documented from a wide variety of sources. . . .eminently readable. It helps to fill an important gap about much of what Dr. Gilmour calls the ‘rebirth of Spanish Conservatism', and as such deserves to be read by anyone interested in Spanish politics, from students and lecturers to a wider public." – Dr. Audrey Brassloff

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

Foreword by Anthony Gooch

1.Spanish Conservatism: from the Revolución Gloriosa to the Franco Dictatorship

2.The making of a Francoist Minister

3.Minister of Information and Tourism, 1962-69

4.The making of a centrist politician

5.Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister, 1975-75

6.Founder and leader of Alianza Popular, 1976-79

7.Phoenix from the Ashes, 1979-82

8.Leader of the Opposition, 1982-86

9.The Hernández Mancha experiment

10.Prime Minister at last, but of Galicia

Bibliography, Index

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