Making Russian Democracy Work Social Capital, Economic Development, and Democratization

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This book explores the myriad factors at work in the process of post-Communist democratization in Russia, with an explicit focus on the role performed by social capital and socio-economic development. Using both an historical approach and quantitative evidence from across Russia’s 89 regions, this work explores the role performed by economic development and social capital leading to the democratization of the Soviet Union and in contributing to the consolidation of democracy in contemporary Russia. The results offer some grounds for a guardedly optimistic assessment of the prospects for making democracy work in Russia. The work contributes to the body of literature on comparative regime transitions, post-Communist politics, and to the study of democratic governance in general.


"The present volume thus represents a welcome addition to the growing body of significant academic literature devoted to issues of modern democracy, comparative regime-types, and processes of social change. ... [it] will serve as an incisive analysis if the general social conditions in which that undertaking occurred." -Prof. James W. Warhola, The University of Maine

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Chapter 1 Russia's Troubled Transition to Modernity
Chapter 2 Russian Democracy in Form and Content
Chapter 3 Demokraitya or Narodovlastie? Defining, Identifying, and Measuring Democracy in Post-Soviet Russia
Chapter 4 Russian Democracy and Socio-Economic Development
Chapter 5 Social Capital, Civic Community, and Russian Democratization
Chapter 6 Socio-Economic Development and Social Capital: The Keys to Making Russian Democracy Work



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