Loving the Good Driver

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"It seems some former, unnamed abdication, some lucky splitting off, has ennobled Rustin Larson's vision and empowered him to speak from both sides of the world, the world we necessarily live in and the secret world we lost when we could no longer hear inside ourselves." - Jack Myers

"Like a baseball pitcher with an unpredictable changeup, Rustin Larson's poetry continually surprises, challenges, and rewards the reader." - Roger Weingarten

". . . a poet of huge imaginative landscape and poignantly interiorized feeling. He is a narrative poet who breaks with tradition. A poet whose complex sensibility drives deeper and deeper into the wild and least expected: the bizarre, the minutely observed, and the sweetly rendered. . . . This is a strange and beautiful collection from a gifted poet. Read these poems and be startled." - The Iowa Source

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