Look at Life in Northern Ireland - How Do Women Live in a Culture Driven by Conflict?

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This study, written from an anthropological standpoint, focuses on women’s lives in Northern Ireland. It examines the lives and work of a range of women, and illustrates some of the historical and political backdrop. It discusses a number of women’s initiatives in the voluntary sector to illustrate the work they are doing to achieve a peaceful outcome to the age-old problems. Interviews were conducted with women, ecumenical groups, Belfast City Council Members, Ian Paisley, Jerry Adams, and human rights activists. The book will interest those in women’s studies, peace studies, and Irish studies.


"The book is written in a very clear and easily accessible style. . . . The reader is left with a feeling of empathy and solidarity for the women in Northern Ireland and a better understanding of their fate and plight. On the other hand the book also gives an illustration of the better side of life in Ireland, the historical strength of women, and the respect in which they are generally held in Ireland. The book illustrates the long history of the divisions in Ireland, from women’s perspective and leaves the reader with a better understanding of events." Karola Dillenburger

". . . has its strength in its inside perspective. One seldom finds such a vivid account of ‘what it is like’ to live in the midst of violence and uncertainty inone’s everyday life. . . . . Higgins and Diggs give a detailed description of the women-to-women support networks that women have built up, networks that do not only give practical help but where women are also trained in voicing their anger, their concern. The networks, sometimes created to solve matters like day-care for children or breast scanning for women, often act as springboards for further participation of women in public life. . . . The matter of fact tone of writing is the great strength of the book." Birgit Brock-Utne

Table of Contents

Table of contents: Foreword; Preface; Introduction; ‘Hello Belfast’; Life in Belfast; History; Coping; Politics; Conclusion; Glossary; References; Index

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