Lillian Fuchs, First Lady of the Viola

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"Williams's excellent monograph details the life and work of Lillian Fuchs. The author used numerous interviews, critical reviews, and personal recollections of Fuchs to create a chronological picture of a career that spans more than 60 years. . . . Included in the appendixes are reviews and articles from The New York Times, a section of photographs, and a thorough index. Recommended for all string players and music collections, upper-division graduate and above." - Choice

". . . a well-researched study of the leading woman violist in America who was also the very influential teacher of a whole generation of violists now performing in concert halls throughout the world. Mr. Williams, a student of Ms. Fuchs, is amply qualified to discuss her life and contributions as a teacher and performer. He has drawn upon interviews with Ms. Fuchs and members of her family, accounts by other friends, associates and former students, concert reviews, etc. . . . His discussion of a close circle of musicians (whose devotion to chamber music and expertise in performing it formed a special chapter in American musical history) will fascinate all those who have sought such information and failed to find it in other sources." -- Carole F. Vidali

"Williams's penetrating study gives us a fascinating view of the professional life of this remarkable personality, who has profoundly influenced the lives of countless musicians. Few books give biographical accounts of living performers, and fewer still of living female performers. Yet, such books are of inestimable value, especially when the subject's life has intertwined with the lives of musicians on the order of Joseph Fuchs, Leonard Rose, Artur Balsam, Itzhak Perlman, and Pinchas Zukerman." -- Marvin Paymer

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