Life of a Teenage Schoolboy in Paris During the 1960's: A Personal Memoir

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Introduces the American reader to an exotic depiction of France in the 1960’s. As a unique social and historical document, it constitutes an original contribution to the field of comparative cultural studies. This book contains twelve black and white photographs.


“One finds just about everything a reader could want in Eric du Plessis’ memoir – a revealing social document, adventure, cultural history, splendid descriptions, remembrance to the finest details, characters who seem larger than life (again, more cinematic than flesh and blood, yet flesh and blood they remain), humor, high jinks, action, heartbreak, love, coming of age, and, yes, a hero!” – Prof. Louis Gallo, Radford University

“The first person present time narrative lends the plot development an immediacy that facilitates empathy since the readers feels synchronous with the events related by the main character. There is no better way to imbibe French history!” – Prof. Philip Sweet, Radford University

“This autobiography is a beautiful piece of literature, with its pleasant rhythm and elegant style.”- Prof. Marie-Claire Phélippeau, Editor, Moreana

“. . . du Plessis’ consummate writing style and penetrating insight into himself and his surroundings make the story a compelling social document. His graceful treatment of his own foibles, and those of his family and countrymen, introduces American readers to a fascinating description of France in the sixties, while moving them to autobiographical reflection, and the contemplation of life in general.” – Prof. Susan Kwilecki, Radford University

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