Life and Work of AdÈle D’osmond, Comtesse De Boigne (1781-1866)

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Adèle d’Osmond’s life encompassed the French Revolution and most of the Second Empire. She was well-educated, maintained friendships with members of the royal family and central figures in government, and she presided over one of the most popular salons in Paris. In addition, she wrote two novels and a volume of memoirs.


“. . . Vanderboegh draws on extensive archival material and numerous historical treatises written by contemporaries of the comtesse to examine and explain the apparent and often glaring contradictions that exist between Adèle’s experiences as she actually lived them and as she recorded them in her memoirs. . . . sure to be of interest to scholars of French literature as well as cultural historians, convincingly demonstrates the interrelatedness of Adèle’s fictional and supposedly non-fictional works and makes an important contribution to the study of this important historical and literary figure.” – Lorie Vanchena

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings only):
Preface; Introduction
1. Childhood, Exile, and Marriage: family history, childhood at Versailles, Revolution and Exile, Return to France, Bourbon Restoration & London; Benoît de Boigne in Chambéry
2. The General de Boigne: The Untold Story : Biographers; Before India; India; Mannerisms; Marriage; Assessment
3. 1830-1866: Death of the General; July Revolution; Chancellor Pasquier; After the Revolution of 1848; Trouville; Final Years
4. The Comtesse de Boigne and the Parisian Salon in the 19th Century: Salons, Sainte-Beuve; Prosper Mérimée
5. Memoirs: Récits d’une tante; Juliette Récamier; Germaine de Staël; Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles X
6. Novels: La Maréchale d’Aubemer; Une Passion dans le grand monde
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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