Les Visages du Héros dans les Romans de Chrétien de Troyes

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This work utilizes an approach based on parallelism and juxtaposition to provide an analysis of Chrétien de Troyes’ romances, and to interpret the recurrent motifs and patterns, which lend the hero an archetypal dimension.
In French.


“Students of Chrétien will find this an accessible guide to unpacking the alterity of texts composed over 800 year ago, such as character development, narrative structure, and recurrent motifs in all five of the extant romances investigated through the lens of the hero’s identity.” – Prof. Sarah Gordon, Utah State University

“In this valuable new addition to the field, Georgescu cuts through the critical layers of interpretation that have been superimposed on these works to offer a refreshing return to the original texts and to their meaning within the context of the medieval era in which they were composed.” – Prof. Katherine Kulick, College of William & Mary

Table of Contents

Préface by Prof. Sarah Gordon
Remerciements / Acknowledgements
1. Le héros
2. L’espace de l’aventure, le temps de l’amour
3. Prouver ou se prouver? La raison derrière l’aventure
4. Les masques du Mal et du Bien
5. De l’aventure á l’initiation
6. Le retour

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