Leadership Education at American Universities: A Longitudinal Study of Six Cases

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Utilizes a qualitative methods strategy to compare the value of short-term
leadership education models to powerful life events.


“Through DiPaolo’s careful extrapolation, we get a glimpse into the way in which family and childhood contexts, critical events during adolescence and through the college years, and the benefit of a reflective and challenging leadership development experience all come to fruition in the lives of emerging leaders. DiPaolo has made an important contribution to our understanding of how leaders develop. Through his careful scholarship, he has put life into the study of this vitally important field.” – Prof. John C. Burkhardt, University of Michigan

“. . . learning to be leaders requires carefully constructed curriculum and associated experiences in order to have an impact. DiPaolo’s study is an important contribution to the literature that will help the field of leadership education move toward a more research-based foundation.” - Prof. Ronald W. Marx, University of Arizona

“DiPaolo’s research contributes to [the] trend toward evaluation and focuses an overlooked aspect of these outcomes—the individual and personal experiences of student participants.” - Prof. Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster, University of Detroit Mercy

Table of Contents

List of Tables
Foreword by John C. Burkhardt
1. Overview and Literature Review
2. Methodology and an Introduction to the Cases
3. Tyler
4. Brad
5. Dan
6. Kevin
7. Mike
8. Nick
9. Cross-case Analysis and Discussion
Appendix: Chronological Summary and Literature Review

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